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Oink Artisan Pork Scratchings are hand-cooked using traditional cooking methods that are centuries old.  We only use pork rind, hand cut by our butchers from the shank area of the pig (top of the hind leg) as the quality of the skin is far superior to other parts. Also, the thickness of shank fat is just right, not too thick, not too thin. Both of these qualities are essential for making the perfect pork scratchings and delivering a unique combination of crunchy rind and a rich, softer textured layer of fat.  As we don't overcook our snacks and the pork is full of awesome flavour, all our seasonings for both pork crackling and scratchings are gluten free and where possible, we prefer not to use MSG.


Our Artisan Pork Crackling is hand-cooked twice by the Oink chefs to make a lighter, crunchier pork snack. We still us hand cut shank rind as we believe you cannot comprise on quality when making a luxury pork crackling snack.


At the Oink Company, quality is key, so we only cook in small batches to ensure that our artisan pork crackling and scratchings remain the very best, luxury pork snacks you can buy.

Pork Crackling & Pork Scratchings Snacks

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