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Keto Pork Scratching and Crackling Snacks

Pork scratchings and crackling are perfect for the keto diet, and most low carb diets, due to the low carbs and high fat. The fat will satisfy your hunger, give you a great amount of fuel and none of that insulin spiking sugar. They also have several other health benefits including brain benefits, cholesterol, and even skin benefits. 

Good Fats

Pork scratchings are high fat, but two-thirds of all the fat in a pork scratching is actually mono and polyunsaturated fats, beneficial for heart health. Furthermore, the fats in pork scratchings are also super full of Oleic Acid. 

High Protein

Pork scratchings have a high protein content, which actually keeps you feeling full and has major benefits for muscle and bone health. Low Carbs

Pork scratchings make a great snack due to their low levels of carbohydrates. Low carbs means you won't be spiking your blood sugars leading to a crash later on in the day.

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