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At Oink we believe that the more information our customers have about our Pork Scratchings and Crackling, the more knowledgeable and interest you are to try our range of products and know Oink. If our FAQ page doesn't answer your question, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do we make our Pork Scratchings?

At Oink we only use hand cut pork rind with fat from the shank area of the pig. Our Chefs hand-cook at a high temperature for just the right amount of time to get that perfect crunch with every bite. Our scratchings are then seasoned in one of our gluten free blended flavours, ready to be enjoyed with your favourite drink.

Hairy Bits?

Unfortunately pigs are hairy! The butchery and cooking process tends to get rid of most hair and along with our quality control we try to keep our product as hair free as possible. However, occasionally the odd piece will sneak into our packaging. Some people don't mind this, but we know others do, so if you have any issues with our product then please do not hesitate to contact us sending a photo of your 'hairy bits'.

Who delivers your parcels?

We use Royal Mail and Couriers such as Yodal to delivery to most of the UK. To some remote parts of the UK and offshore islands, delivery can take longer. We do our best to deliver within 1-2 days of your order being processed for delivery or on a date requested, via special delivery. However, at busy times of the year delivery times can be extended out of our control. Please make sure that the delivery address and postcode are correct as we can not be responsible for non delivery due to an incorrect address.

Are your products gluten free?

At Oink we believe in being all inclusive and want as many people as possible to enjoy our products. So, we made the decision to make all our products free from Gluten. We even exclude MSG from as many products we can. Sorry we haven't made any vegetarian or vegan products yet... Who knows perhaps we should introduce a range of artisan peanuts and olives.


At Oink we do are very best to ensure we don't produce pork scratchings that are too hard. However, we use hand cut rind from the shank area of the pig and take every care to minimise any bone that may be present in our product. Occasionally some will sneak through... so we carry a 'Warning' on our products stating 'Not suitable for weak pearly whites (teeth). 

Why storage is important?

Take care of your snacks and store them in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Unfortunately high temperatures and light can have an impact on your snacks life expectancy.

Why quality is important to us?

At Oink we think we make the best Artisan Pork Scratchings in the world... and we believe in providing a quality product in the best condition possible. Please inspect your product(s) as soon as your order arrives. If there is an issue, please contact us right away with pictures. We will investigate and do our best to resolve as quickly as possible. Damage or deterioration to the goods once delivered passes to the customer, as the buyer, on delivery so please contact us as soon as possible.

Where is Oink located?

The Oink Company is located in the Lincoln and Welton in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.

The Oink Sty (Office):
Porco Rosso Snacks, Northfield Road, Welton, Lincoln LN2 3FF

The Oink Pen (Unit):
Unit 5, Deacon Business Park, Deacon Road, Lincoln LN2 4JB

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