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Pork Scratchings & Crackling Artisan Pub Style Snacks,
made in Britain

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About Oink...

The Oink Company was founded by Mike Holman, a former award winning brewer and we believe no one knows better than Oink how great a good pork scratching goes with a cold pint of beer or a large a gin and tonic.

At the Oink Company, we make Traditional and Artisan Pork Scratchings for the connoisseurs of this great British pub snack...

At Oink we continually strive to make the very best tasting Artisan Pork Scratchings and Crackling and we love to Oink and Squeal about it. #OinkandSqueal

Our chefs use traditional methods to lovingly hand cook each scratching, achieving that perfect crunch every time. We then beautifully season our scratchings ready for you to enjoy with your favourite tipple. A naughty but nice snack. 

Our traditional Salted Pork Scratchings and most of our flavoured Scratching are also free from Gluten and MSG... as it was in times gone by.

Remember to #OinkandSqueal about our pork scratchings and crackling on social media to be in with a chance of winning regular prizes.


Oink at Us

For general inquiries, feedback or just fancy a chat about pork scratchings, please get in touch with us and lets oink and squeal...

Call us: 020 3589 4881

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At Oink we make Traditional and Artisan Pork Scratching and Crackling, expertly flavoured for your enjoyment. Definitely one of my favourite guilty pleasures!


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