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Snap, crackle... and Oink!

Barbara Young meets Mike Holman, founder of The Oink Company which produces irresistible traditional and artisan pork scratchings.


Learn more about The Oink Company in this great feature from the 'Good Taste Lincolnshire' magazine.


Recently voted the UK’s favourite pub snack (ahead of salted peanuts and salt & vinegar crisps), pork scratchings have long been a popular accompaniment to a cold pint, chilled glass of wine or refreshing gin and tonic. Following eight months’ research and development, The Oink Company, a Lincolnshire-based family-run enterprise, has been quick to identify the trend and push ahead with new concepts, launching its quality range of flavours in 2019 with the emphasis on producing a “posh version” of pork scratchings and crackling. Founded by former pig farmer and award-winning brewer Mike Holman, the small team of chefs at the aptly named The Oink Company have created a range of traditional and artisan pork scratchings for connoisseurs of this much loved pub snack...

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